• The Tilt Companion Label increases handler awareness that the package is being monitored. If the package is damaged, the tilt companion label provides instructions for receiving the damaged shipment. Use with the Impact-O-Graph Tilt Indicator Label.
  • The additional security key is used with the Omni-GWS.  The key allows personnel to loosen or tighten the screw on the side of the device to reset the g force indicator.

  • The red anodized mounting plate for the Omni-GWS provides an alternate mounting solution for the device.   The red color  plate stands out so the device can be seen and handlers will know the shipment is being monitored.  The mounting plate is secured by screwing the plate to a pallet or other type of shipping base.

  • The additional tweezers are an accessory item used with the Omni-G and Omni-GWS impact indicators.  The tweezers are used to reset the  steel balls and springs found in the Omni device.  Once the device has been tripped from excessive G force impact, the device needs to be reset using the special tweezers.  The additional tweezers are convenient to have so additional personnel have the ability to reset the device when needed.

  • The mounting plate is designed for the Omni-G impact indicator. The plate provides an alternative mounting solution for the device. The mounting plate is secured by screwing the plate to a pallet or other type of shipping base.
  • The Impact-O-Graph Window Case is designed with a clear window that allows the user to see the chart paper used with the Impact-O-Graph Analog Impact Recorder.  The key benefit is all results drawn on the chart paper can be viewed without opening the case. Prevents exposing the device to the elements and also being able to view results when needed.

  • The Digi-Shock mounting plate is used as an alternate method to secure the Digi-Shock Impact Recorder to your shipment. The mounting plate provides a smooth flat surface to secure the shock recorder.  The Digi-Shock Mounting Plate comes in two versions - one version can be screwed down to your shipping platform or on the equipment and the second version is a magnetic mounting plate that sticks to all steel surfaces.

  • Digi-Shock cable is a replacement USB cable for the Digi-Shock Impact Recorders.  The USB cable is used with the Digi-Shock G, Digi-Shock GT and Digi-Shock XT digital impact recorders.
  • Digi-Shock Battery

    Used with the Digi-Shock G, GT and XT impact recorders, the 3.6V Lithium battery is used as a replacement or back-up .
  • Impact-O-graph chart paper is used with the Analog Impact-O-Graph Impact Recorder.  The pressure sensitive paper records the impacts and documents through the entire mission.  The analog recorder uses pressure sensitive chart paper to document impacts.  Be certain to have enough chart paper so a new roll is available for every mission.

  • The Trans-Monitor Warning Label can be used with the Trans-Monitor Shock Indicator to alert carriers that the package is being monitored. Warning labels increase the awareness that the shipment needs to be handled with care.  Increase the visibility of your package by adding the warning label.
  • The Pelican Case provides IP-67-rated waterproof case for the Impact-O-Graph and Digi-Shock. The Pelican Case is watertight, crush-proof, and dust-proof. The case has an automatic pressure equalization valve that will balance interior pressure but also keeps water out. Use with the Impactograph Analog Impact Recorder, the Digi-Shock G and the Digi-Shock GT. The protective case offers 0pen cell core with solid wall design so that it is strong and light weight.
  • The Protect-A-Pak companion label is a visual warning label used with the Potect-A-Pak shock indicator and mounting flange. The companion label provides written notification that an impact indicator is being used. This alerts the handler to use caution when handling the shipment. The companion label and Protect-A-Pak impact indicator are used only once.
  • The Mounting Flange has been designed to be used with the Protect-A-Pak Impact Indicator.  The mounting flange allows flush mounting of the Protect-A-Pak from outside of a package.  The shock indicator can be externally viewed at all times. Add the Protect-A-Pak companion label to provide awareness for handlers so they know the package is being monitored for impacts.
  • The Alert Tape is applied to shipping boxes as a visual reminder that package is fragile and is being monitored. The Alert Tape is easily recognized with the bright yellow color. Fragile and Handle with Care is printed on the tape.
  • The fragile label can be applied to shipping boxes as a visual reminder that package is fragile and is being monitored. The bright orange fragile label is easily seen so it catches the handlers attention.  Can be used with all of Impact-O-Graphs impact indicators and shock recorders.
  • The Shock Companion Label increases handler’s awareness that the package is being monitored. The shock companion label is used with Impact-O-Graphs shock indicator labels. The companion label provides instructions on receiving damaged shipments.