How Do Our Impact Indicators and
Shock Recorders Help You?

Our mission is to provide customers cost effective and high quality devices while also helping to reduce your cost of operations, protect your business reputation and maintain strong relationships with your customers.

Reduce Replacement and
Repair Expenses

Impact Indicators and shock recorders monitor your shipments for excessive impacts. They help identify trouble spots in the transportation cycle, as well as identify the accountable parties to help with insurance claims. This ultimately helps lower shipping costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Encourage Handling Shipments
With Care

Our highly visible companion labels, used with shock indicators, encourage transport personnel to handle shipments with care. This creates awareness that the package is being monitored for mishandling. In addition, it builds accountability among the various handlers throughout the journey.

Monitor Your Shipment
In Real-Time

Monitor and record the number and level of impacts. Know minimum and maximum user-definable temperatures. Identify the exact GPS location of your shipment. Receive texts or emails in real time when the incident or deviation occurs.

Who We Are and What We Do

Impact-O-Graph Devices (IOG Products, LLC) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative impact indicators, impact recorders and monitoring solutions, serving businesses globally for over 40 years.


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Product Applications

What Our Customers Say

Digi-Shock XT was a perfect solution for monitoring & recording any potential high impacts to our sensitive hardware. The Digi-Shock was easy to set-up and use plus the mission software provided an excellent detailed report in graph format.  Impactograph technical / sales support was extremely helpful in determining the correct product for our specific requirements in addition to a quick turnaround getting the product.

M. Richman, Engineer, Space Dynamic Labs

SmartShip Live, provides outstanding data accuracy and reliability, delivered to us in real-time, so that we always know where our shipment is located and if there were any incidents. The real-time alerts are fantastic and helped us identify where and when an incident occurred. Excellent customer and technical support. They worked with us and provided us the right solution.  They go above and beyond to satisfy their customer’s needs.

J. Morgan, Logistics Manager, ABB

Digi-Shock G has given us a method to monitor and record impacts to our heavy cable products that can get damaged in transit if mishandled. The Digi-Shock mission control software allows us to see when impacts exceed our threshold for damage. This has been a great product for us and has helped minimize shipping damage. The support team at Impactograph is always helpful and friendly.

K. Naughton, Operations, Graybar

The Impactograph Analog Recorder provides excellent data accuracy and reliability for our transformer manufacturer customers. The ease of being able to review the data immediately is extremely beneficial for our customers to determine if there has been impact damage so appropriate action can be taken if required. Impact-o-graph’s customer support is always responsive and satisfies our needs.

M. Shim, President, Best Trade