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Project Description

Marine & Offshore

Application Information

Accurate, on-time and damage-free delivery of your transformers. 

Recommended Products For This Purpose

  • The Digi-Shock XT shock recorder is a reliable digital recorder that monitors and records impacts in addition to temperature events.  Records impacts up to 25g or 100g. The shock recorder can be ordered based on your G level requirements.  Long batter life records events for up to 6 months. A Fully reusable device with robust construction  and IP 67 ready. Long battery life with high sampling rate for more detailed information. High data resolution with the 25g level version. Memory capabilities up to Million events.
  • The corrosion proof Omni-GWS shock indicator is designed with two sets of spring loaded stainless steel balls that will become dislodged when struck with an impact that exceeds the preset g-level. When used with alert labels, an Omni-GWS reduces the incidence of damage by raising awareness that the package is being monitored. The Omni-GWS is one of the world’s most popular reusable, low-cost impact indicators. Tamper resistant design for added security against unauthorized resetting.


Do you need help monitoring your shipments?

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