How Our Impact Indicators & Shock Recorders Help You

Reduce Replacement & Repair Expenses

Impact and shock recorders monitor your shipments for excessive impacts and can help identify trouble spots in the transportation cycle, as well as identify the accountable parties to help with insurance claims, ultimately lowering shipping costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Encourage Handling Shipments With Care

Our highly visible companion labels, used with shock indicators, encourage transport personnel to handle shipments with care and create awareness that the package is being monitored for mishandling. This builds accountability among the various handlers throughout the journey.

Monitor Your Shipment In Real-Time

Monitor and record the magnitudes and times of impacts, as well as user-definable maximum and minimum temperatures. Know the exact GPS location of your shipment and receive texts or emails in real time when the incidents or deviations from the route occur.

Product Applications

Power & Energy

Your heavy equipment arrived but can you tell if damage occurred while in transit?

Marine and Offshore

Critical equipment is used offshore that can be damaged by impact. The equipment was installed but didn’t work due to rough handling.


A crucial replacement server was shipped to your most important client. It arrived on time but damaged.


Hidden damage occurred to a critical component during transit. This caused delays in production once the problem was discovered.

Asset Tracking

An extremely important & expensive asset is missing in transit. You want your asset not an insurance claim.


The packaging material was designed to protect the lamp from damage. The broken based proved otherwise.

Featured Products

Digi-Shock XT

Impact recorder will record user-definable impact events on the X, Y and Z axis lines up to 6 months.


Resettable impact indicator registers impacts from all directions. Various G force range availasble.


Protect-A-Pak is one of the worlds most popular single-use low-cost impact indicators.

SmartShip Live

Everything you want to know about your shipment, in real-time by text and email.

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Shipping box with Trans-Monitor

Impact & Tilt Indicators

Shock indicators provide low cost shock detection for items shipped. Tilt indicators provide undeniable proof of mishandling.
Imactogragh analog recorder

Impact Recorders

Reusable analog or digital shock recorders detect and record impacts. Monitors your shipment during the complete journey.
Digi Shock attached to Transformer

Impact & Temperature Recorders

Reusable digital impact recorder monitors and records shocks and temperature for goods in transit, or storage and on equipment or strucutres.

What Our Customers Say

Digi-Shock XT was a perfect solution for monitoring & recording any potential high impacts to our sensitive hardware. The Digi-Shock was easy to set-up and use plus the mission software provided an excellent detailed report in graph format.  Impactograph technical / sales support was extremely helpful in determining the correct product for our specific requirements in addition to a quick turnaround getting the product. M. Richman

Engineer, Space Dynamic Labs

Digi-Shock G has given us a method to monitor and record impacts to our heavy cable products that can get damaged in transit if mishandled. The Digi-Shock mission control software allows us to see when impacts exceed our threshold for damage. This has been a great product for us and has helped minimize shipping damage. The support team at Impactograph is always helpful and friendly. K. Naughton

Operations, Graybar

SmartShip Live, provides outstanding data accuracy and reliability, delivered to us in real-time, so that we always know where our shipment is located and if there were any incidents. The real-time alerts are fantastic and helped us identify where and when an incident occurred. Excellent customer and technical support. They worked with us and provided us the right solution.  They go above and beyond to satisfy their customers’ needs. J. Morgan

Logistics Manager, ABB

The Impactograph Analog Recorder provides excellent data accuracy and reliability for our transformer manufacturer customers. The ease of being able to review the data immediately is extremely beneficial for our customers to determine if there has been impact damage so appropriate action can be taken if required. Impact-o-graph’s customer support is always responsive and satisfies our needs. M. Shim

President, Best Trade