Digi-Shock G Impact Recorder

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The Digi-Shock G is our popular digital impact recorders that monitor shock to alert for possible damage to your shipment. The impact recorder can be ordered with g force levels up to 25g or up to 100g.  The 25g model provides high data resolution. An LED visual indication displays when user-defined alarm parameters are exceeded at anytime, advising users that the monitored product may have been damaged and should be inspected immediately.

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Introducing the new Digi-Shock Series

Digi-Shock G Impact Recorders at a glance

  • Digi-Shock G records user-definable impact events on the X, Y, and Z axis lines up to 25g or 100g.
  • Accelerometer detects and records the duration, amplitude, and direction of all impacts.
  • Easy-to-use, Windows-based software included.
  • Language selectable using Mission Control in English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese and Japanese.

Digi-Shock G Shock Recorder in Use

Mount directly on the equipment, container floor or large pallet. This reusable and re-settable digital impact recorders can monitor shipments of any size during transportation to reduce or eliminate potential damage in transit. An LED visual indication displays when user-defined alarm parameters are exceeded at anytime.  Indicates to user that the monitored product may have been damaged and should be inspected immediately.
A mission file can be downloaded and emailed without the software installed. This enables customers to view the mission file immediately without waiting for the Dig-Shock to be returned. Mission Summary provides the start and end date of the mission and the largest impacts on each axis during a journey. Mission graphs provide a detailed report of each mission. This enables customers to view every single event during a journey.
Ideal for various applications, such as:
  • Avionics equipment
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Computer equipment/media
  • Instruments/gauges
  • Lamps/China/porcelains
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Furniture
  • Medical Equipment
  • Electro-mechanical equipment
  • Railroad
  • Art/sculpture
  • And more…

How to Apply

Step 1

Mount on Pallet or other large equipment or product.

Step 2

Or mount directly to the floor of the machine or a container.

Step 3

Apply Screws to both sides of the device


Related Information

Additional information

1. Power:

Single C cell Lithium Primary 3.6v Automatic battery disconnect when USB cable is plugged in. Protection Circuit to prevent device damage if batteries are installed backwards.

2. Battery Life:

6 months (Lithium Ion Battery).

3. Memory:

Flash memory capable of more than 1 million events. Retain data in event of power loss.

4. Accelerometer:

Device available ±25g or ±100g on the X, Y, and Z axis lines.amples 250 times per second. Readings are automatically compensated for time and temperature drifts.

5. Data Access:

Standard A-B USB cable required for connection to a PC computer. No special cable or software needed to retrieve data file. Encrypted data file can be emailed directly back to sender for review.

6. High Efficiency LED:

Provides device status in real time

7. Physical Specs:

5″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″ plastic case. 8 ounces with battery installed.

8. Optional Mission Parameters:

Set start and stop for date and time of mission. Set alarm levels for each axis individually. Set g-level threshold for storing data (i.e., set at 3g to only record 3g or higher events).

9. Optional Mounting

If necessary, a metal mounting bracket or magnetic mounting plate is available.

1 review for Digi-Shock G Impact Recorder

  1. B Martin

    We purchased the Digi G to monitor our products that get shipped to different locations around the world.. Its an excellent product that records the g force level and is perfect for our situation since our products can get damaged if an impact exceeds a certain g level. After using the product, we did find that some of our shipped products were getting banged around and a couple shipments even had to be checked by our engineers. What’s great is the Digi g can be used over and over again.

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