For this discussion, we are referring to our impact indicators that utilize calibrated springs and stainless steel balls that release at specific G force impact. The Impactograph models that use this unique design include the Protect-A-Pak, Trans-Monitor, and Omni-G indicators. These indicators are designed to be Omni-directional so they detect impacts from all directions.

How They Work

Our impact indicators contain two sets of calibrated compression springs manufactured for a specific G level.   The impact indicator is activated when the springs are compressed and held in place using stainless steel balls seated within the device aligned perpendicular to each other.  When a shock occurs perpendicular to the spring-ball axis and meets or exceeds the g force of the spring, the balls will dislodge.

Therefore, a G force impact that exceeds the springs calibrated compression force it can no longer hold the stainless steel balls in place causing it them to roll out of the seat dislodging the device.  The shock indicator has now detected potential damage to the item being monitored. It is worth noting that the calibrated springs retain their calibrated G force indefinitely with no degradation in accuracy over time.

For more in depth information regarding the math behind how and why the impact indicator detects from all directions click here for the white paper.

High Precision Devices

Although the impact indicators appear to be simplistic in design, these devices are high precision instruments that are extremely accurate. A recent global manufacturer of luxury automobiles required validation for our Omni G for 60 g force accuracy.  A 3rd party independent testing facility ran multiple impact tests with the device.  Below is the response curve that shows the Omni G performed with high precision detecting 60g force starting at 5 milliseconds though 30 milliseconds with little deviation.

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