Nearly everyone has seen Fragile – Handle with Care used on a package or possibly you use them on your own shipments. The big question is will it cause your package to be handled differently – with tender loving care through the transportation chain?

The answer to this question is no. Adding a fragile label or writing fragile on your package in most cases does not cause your package to be handled with special care. The reasons are the fragile message is over used and the message is just not noticed by handlers. They are processing thousands of packages a day and don’t have the time to take special care with every box that has fragile plastered on the container.

An interesting study was conducted by Popular Mechanics a few years ago to see which carrier was kindest to your shipment. On one package they used a Fragile label and This End Up but it did not help with special handling. In fact, the box with the fragile label was handled rougher than the plain box. Read the article click here.

Carriers generally don’t try to damage your shipments but with the volume of shipments and pressure to expedite, accidents will happen. In some instances damage will occur to the contents. Companies can pay for special handling but this can be very expensive especially if you are shipping volume.

We assume that you are taking all the correct actions for preparing and packaging your goods for shipment. That is the first step to ensure your shipment will be delivered without incident.

However, our goal is for you to take the next step to create awareness and accountability for how your shipment is handled. Various solutions are available based Shock indicator labelson your requirements and a practical alternative to the ineffective fragile label are the highly visible Shock Indicator labels. Shock labels provide visual indication when a g force impact occurs to potentially damage goods in the transportation chain. The shock label shows the handler your package is being monitored so they know to be more careful with your goods.

Other solutions for monitoring include devices that identify g force impacts from different directions such as the low cost Protect A Pak to sophisticated shock recorders that monitor and record impacts to your shipment through the transportation chain.

Our mission is to provide customers with cost effective, high quality devices that enable you to reduce risks, cost of operations, and protect your valued reputations and business relationships.