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Reusable analog and digital devices to monitor your shipments

  • cargo impact indicator
    The Digi-Shock G is our popular digital impact recorders that monitor shock to alert for possible damage to your shipment. The impact recorder can be ordered with g force levels up to 25g or up to 100g.  The 25g model provides high data resolution. An LED visual indication displays when user-defined alarm parameters are exceeded at anytime, advising users that the monitored product may have been damaged and should be inspected immediately.
  • The Impact-O-Graph analog impact g-force recorders have a long history of accurately measuring shocks that occur during product transportation. For over 40 years, manufacturers and the military have used our well designed, durable and reliable recorders to warn recipients when mishandling has occurred to valuable shipments. Shocks up to 30 times the force of gravity (30g) can be identified immediately by examining the chart. See a video click here.
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