When you hear the phrase real-time shipment monitoring, the first thing that might come to mind is a UPS or FedEx online tracking tool.  These type of shipment tracking gives you notifications when the package is scanned at a depot or by the handler.  The major carriers provide a nice tracking service but that’s not what we are referring to when we say real-time monitoring.

Real-Time Monitoring

What we are talking about is the ability to monitor your shipment in real-time using cellular GPS technology.  GPS provides precise mapping location for your valuable equipment or asset.   It allows you to know the current location of your goods viewed on the web or receive alerts by text or e-mail.

In addition, would you like to know about impact for possible damage or deviations in temperature?  If your business involves shipping valuable equipment or assets, knowing the status of your shipment in real-time can be an excellent benefit not to mention peace of mind.  Many manufacturers ship precision equipment knowing there are events that might occur that could negatively impact the status of their equipment.  The Smart Ship Live (SSL, an Internet of Thing device could be the answer for real-time mission critical shipments.

Application Example

To give an example, a recent client of Impact-O-Graph was shipping a sophisticated piece of equipment that used lasers and contained many precision components.  The client wanted to monitor the equipment across the country.  After careful evaluation, the decision was to use the Smart Ship Live (SSL) for the mission.  Additionally, the client’s engineers required detailed recorded impact data for each individual axis, and impact duration for the full mission.  This was solved by including a Digi-Shock digital impact recorder satisfying the engineer’s data needs. 

So the reason why this solution solved the clients requirements is it provided real-time monitoring 24/7 to validate that the shipment was going on the pre-planned route to the destination.  Also important to this client were the event alerts and texts on the status of the shipment plus the devices long battery life.  Additionally, the digital recorder provided to the engineers detailed impact and duration data for the full mission so the data could be evaluated before installing the equipment.

Many requirements that we see involve a thoughtful and detailed review to find the best solution for client’s needs. If you are looking for true real-time monitoring of your goods in transit, read the details about the Smart Ship Live. Then give us a call.