SmartShip Live

SmartShip Live™ is a compact IoT GPS enabled smart device with cellular activated communications and sensors with super long battery life. REAL TIME COMMUNICATION – Everything you want to know about your shipment, in real time by text and email. world’s most popular reusable, low-cost impact indicators. Tamper resistant design for added security against unauthorized resetting.


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SmartShip Live™ is an IoT device for real-time* communication

Do you want to know about…

  • Current location?
  • Impact or possible damage alert?
  • Temperature range anomaly alert?
  • Unauthorized or premature opening alert?
  • Deviation from planned route?

Device Features

  • Web based real time GPS enabled, for tracking and location history
  • Built in accelerometer records impacts up to 24g with definable alert levels
  • Temperature sensor with definable alert levels
  • Light sensor in covert use, to detect opening / tampering of boxed or contained goods, real time alert with location
  • Geocoding settings with alerts for deviation
  • SmartShip Live™ is fully reusable with a long operational life

How to Apply


lOG Recorders are delivered ready-to-use with paper and battery already installed (no ink is used). An Operations Manual is provided with each recorder.

Step 1

Mount the Impact Recorder securely to the object to be monitored.

Step 2

Remove the stylus guard and set the chart paper to the starting time

Step 3

Turn the recorder on. Lock the cover if desired. The recorder is ready to document impacts on pressure sensitive paper.

Additional information

1. Battery – lithium ion polymer

3.7V power, 200mAh. Battery life up to 1 year based on number of alerts (rechargeable)

2. Temperature Sensor

Operational: -4°F to 140°F Storage: -40°F to 185°F

3. Operating Humidity

50% to 90%

4. Physical Specifications

6.9” x 1.6” x 1.4”, 7 oz. or 0.44 lbs.

5. Cellular Modem

GSM: Quad Band (850, 900, 1800, 1900). Built in antenna

6. Network

Data: GSM, GPRS, and SMS

7. Messages

SMS: Encrypted Protocol GPRS: TCP/IP over PPP

8. GPS

Receiver and Antenna: Internal (built in) Protocol: NMEA (Binary format)
Positioning Accuracy: Position 10m CEP (50%), Velocity 0.2m/s (50%)
Navigation Update Rate: 1 second (default)
Navigation Method: All in view solution, 2-Satellite solution A-GPS
Time to First Fix (TTFF): Hot Start: 2 sec. Warm Start: 35 sec. Cold Start: 50 sec.

9. CPU Capacity

Static RAM: 128Kb, Nonvolatile memory 34Kb, Flash Memory 2048Kb

10. Accelerometer

3 Axis, ±24g, 0.1g resolution identify and report events of impact.

11. Power Consumption

Sleep/Idle 0.05mAh, GPS only 105 mAh, GPRS only 80 mAh, GPS and GPRS 165 mAh


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