Digital Impact Recorders

Typically companies that use digital recorders when they ship expensive items that are sensitive to shock. The reason is engineers and technical staff want to know more information about directional impacts than a single impact indicator can provide.

A digital recorder provides detailed data such as how extreme are the impacts, which axis was impacted, how long did the impacts last, when did it happen, and how often. Having this kind of data can provide key information about potential damage to the equipment and if the equipment will need to be inspected or replaced.

Why Are Digi-Shock Recorders so Popular?

One of the key reasons the Digi-Shock impact recorders are so popular is their proven simple operation to deliver accurate and detailed data about the complete mission. Accurate data is mission critical for the technical / engineering personnel and that is what the Digi Shock Series recorders are all about. Competitively priced, they deliver mission data that is critical to understanding how the product was handled throughout the entire transportation chain.

Another reason customers like the device is the Mission Control software is included with all Digi-Shock models. The software makes setting up the Digi-Shock a breeze and reviewing critical data reports are straight forward and simple to read. Mission Control can also be shared with no added costs or licensing fees. It is worth noting that most manufacturers charge extra for their device software.

In addition, a subtle but important element that customers appreciate is data retrieval. The Digi-Shock uses a standard USB cable to download data.  You say so what.  When a mission is completed and the user is ready to download the data, they don’t have the specialized cable that other products use … uh oh. A common USB cable can eliminate delays and any added costs vs when a proprietary cable or communication device goes missing!

Other advantages and reasons that make the Digi-Shocks popular.

  • Battery Life – Handles long global missions up to six months with continuous recording
  • Recorder Memory – a recorder should be able to handle up to a million data points
  • Operational Check – Digi-Shock lets you know the device is actually running.
  • Tamper proof – a device is worthless if someone can change the settings.
  • High Resolution – all recorded data and critical impact duration
  • Device Cost – Make certain you are getting a competitive price with professional grade performance
  • Certificate of Calibration – included with no added cost

Impactograph Digi-Shock Recorders can provide the right solution for your specific monitoring requirements (see our video). Our recorders are specified by top industries and have earned an excellent reputation over many years for both quality and accuracy. For more information on the Digi-Shock view our models:  Digi-Shock G, Digi-Shock GT and Digi-Shock XT.

Are digital impact recorders the right solution? Contact us today to find out.