One of the most common questions customers ask IMPACT-O-GRAPH is what G level do I need when monitoring my shipment? The answer requires a few application details, and normally we ask various questions to understand what you are trying to accomplish to help guide you to the right G level and also the correct device for monitoring.

Determining G Force

G force is basically determined by weight and size. Generally the larger and heavier the object being transported, the lower the G force you need to monitor will be. Some additional items to consider when determining G force are if any G levels are known by the manufacturer or designer that will cause damage? How is the shipment packaged? Will indicators be placed on the payload itself or the packaging? How is it being shipped? IE, air ride trailer over smooth roads vs rail which is traditionally rough.

Fortunately some fundamental guidelines and tools are available to help you determine what G level to select for your shipment. We have broken this down into three categories based on the type of indicator used, which we have grouped into Shock Indicator Labels, Impact Indicators and Digital Shock Recorders.

Shock Indicator Labels:

These highly visible labels are typically used on parcel shipments. G force for the shock labels are determined by weight and size of the container.  Impact-O-Graph created a shock label calculator that easily calculates the required G force – found here.  Also available is a Shock Selection Guide to determine G force.

Impact Indicators: 

IMPACT-O-GRAPH’s impact indicators are highly accurate and come in wide range of G force levels so that you can select a precise G level when monitoring your product.  G force for indicators can be generally determined by weight of the product.  We provide a convenient chart showing the recommended G force by weight. Click here. We also have a document that provides a couple of methods to determine the correct G force please click here to download.

Digital Shock Recorders:

Our Digi Shock Series impact recorders are probably the simplest devices to determine G force level and are available with G force recording up to 25g or up to 100g.  Since the device is electronic, the user has control in setting the estimated G force and then testing the level with your shipment.  Fine tuning to the exact G force level for monitoring can be attained by using the included Mission Control software for analysis of the recorded data.

The G forces that affect a product vary greatly due to the type of packaging used and the size and weight of the product.  The G force that would cause damage to a product varies according to the sensitivity of the product.  Do not hesitate to contact our experts by telephone or e-mail to assist you in your selection of the proper G level sensitivity. Call us: 610-251-6963; or e-mail at: