Digi-Shock  Impact Recorders
Advanced Mission Control Software

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The Digi-Shock Mission Control is sophisticated software that delivers detailed information about how your shipment was handled.  The mission control software is simple to use and makes reviewing and identifying critical data such as high impacts so action can be taken if there are potential problems.

Product Features and Benefits

Mission Summary provides the start and end date of the mission, plus the largest impacts on each axis during a journey.

Mission graphs provide a detailed report of each mission. This enables customers to view every single event  for impact and temperature during a journey.  Note: temperature feature available on Digi Shock GT and XT

  • An encrypted mission file can be downloaded and emailed without the software installed. Enables to view the mission file (requires software) immediately without waiting for the device to be returned.
  • Simple Windows based software for quick and easy set up and evaluation
  • Mission data can be downloaded and emailed or downloaded directly into software for evaluation
  • Serialized identification for security
  • Complete data analysis of the transportation time with acceleration values on all axes
  • Zoom feature for specific time slots for detailed evaluation
  • Provides export and print capabilities for data
  • Optional Parameters: Set start and stop for date and time of mission. Set alarm levels for each axis individually. Set g level threshold for storing data (i.e. set at 3g to record 3g or higher events). 

Software Download

Digi-Shock Mission Control

For customers that currently use the Digi-Shock Impact Recorder, be certain you have the latest version of the mission control software shown below. 

Models Description Version Download
Digi-Shock G, GT & XT Compatible with all Digi-Shock Impact Recorders. Release date 05.01.2019 1.4.1 Download

In addition, the Digi-Shock User Manual can be accessed download here. 

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