Upgraded Digi-Shock Available with 25g Force and Impact Duration!

GLENDALE, Ca. – October 16, 2017 – Impact-O-Graph (IOG Products LLC) today announced upgrades to their Digi-Shock impact recorder product line now offering low impact up to 25g force for higher data resolution. In addition, impact duration is added to the 25g models providing the length of time for impact.

Low 25g Force: Each Digi-Shock model (G, GT & XT) can now be ordered with 25g accelerometer providing better data resolution for detecting damage. Low 25g force range is excellent for customers that are shipping very heavy equipment (20+ tons) and demand greater data resolution. Heavy equipment such as transformers can sustain damage with longitudinal impact on the X, Y and Z in excess of 3g force. Vertical forces in excess of 1g can indicate rough handling. With such low g force damage to equipment, the upgraded Digi-Shock models are an excellent solution for monitoring heavy tonnage equipment.

Impact Duration: This new feature will now be included on the updated Digi-Shock 25g models. This feature allows customers to see how long the impact lasted.

“The Digi-Shock impact recorders now provide low impact range. This will greatly benefit customers that need higher data resolution when transporting heavy tonnage equipment,” said Darryl Termine, VP of Sales & International Sales Development for IOG Products worldwide sales. “The new product enhancements provide the right data refinements aligned to customer needs with no price change to the products.”

IOG Products, LLC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative monitoring solutions, serving businesses globally for over 40 years. The company’s mission is to provide customers with cost effective, high quality devices that enable them to reduce their risks, cost of operations, and protect their valued reputations and business relationships. IOG Products LLC is headquartered in Glendale, California. For additional information, visit www.impactogrph.com.

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