Protect-A-Pak (PAP) Impact Indicator is Impact-O-Graphs most celebrated impact monitoring device used by customers worldwide.  The product keeps growing in popularity because once customers start using the PAP, they realize the value of monitoring shipments and continue to use the product. Furthermore, customers also value the high accuracy, quality and low cost of the device.   See the PAP video here.

Why do customers buy the PAP by the boat load? 

One reason is the simplicity of the device. Just order the required g force level and attach to your package.  If the g force is exceeded during transport, the visible steel balls will be dislodged and the receiver knows to inspect the goods for potential damage.  The PAPs are one time use so there is no need to secure the device at the end of transport.

Another reason is the number of g force levels available from 5 g force up to 500 g force.  Having a wide range of g force levels to choose from allows you to select the closest g level that will cause potential damage to the product you are shipping.  For low g force levels, a plug and pull is built into the device to prevent it from tripping when shipping from Impact-O-Graph to your facility. When you are ready to use the device, just pull the tab and the PAP is activated to monitor your package at the low g level. 

More reasons why the Protect-A-Pak is a Best Seller:

  • Visual indication using durable acrylic case
  • Internal mechanism are high quality calibrated g force springs and stainless steel balls
  • Dual axis design delivers superior shock detection
  • Acts as a visual deterrent to improper handling
  • Small size for easy mounting using self-adhesive pad or flush mount using a flange
  • Flexible ordering quantities 10 min. to 1,000+. Discounts available for higher quantities
  • Proven product used by small enterprises through Fortune 100 Corporations

The fastest and easiest way to lean all the details about the product is to talk to one of our friendly product experts.  They can answer all your questions and also work with your technical personnel to determine the correct g force to monitor your product with accuracy.  We do provide sample product to test for validating g force. No hard sell or obligation. Contact us today.