Introducing the New Trans-Monitor Impact Switch

CHATSWORTH, CA. – February 1, 2020 – IOG Products today announced the expansion of their Trans-Monitor product line introducing the Trans-Monitor Impact Switch.

IOG Products has designed the Trans-Monitor Impact Switch (TMIS) offering expanded functionality by acting as a switch that turns on or turns off equipment when an impact exceeds the g force rating of the TMIS.   

The Trans-Monitor Impact Switch is wired to the equipment being monitored creating an open circuit. When the TMIS trips from an impact that exceeds the rated g force, the circuit closes.  Companies can use this device for safety, quality control, operational, equipment alerts or warning, damage to equipment, equipment misuse, and many other applications.

“We are excited to be advancing IOG Products and to bring this unique product to the market,” said Ron Ginther, General Manager of IOG Products.  The TMIS will allow companies to use the impact device to know if their equipment has been handled roughly while also delivering additional functionality due to the action of the switch.”

For additional information on the Trans Monitor Impact Switch, click here for more details.

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