M-Series Impact Recorders

Digital technology is rapidly changing nearly everything we use today and in the last few years digital technology has made significant inroads with impact recording devices.  Electromechanical accelerometers measure g-force while a memory chip stores impact data and later downloaded to a computer to be viewed using software.   So the question is can analog impact recorders still survive in a digital world?

The answer is yes. As it turns out, Impact-O-Graph’s analog M-Series recorder is still a sought after impact recorder. The legacy M-Series recorder is known for its robust quality and proven reputation for accuracy.  The product still exists after 45 years and sets the industry standard for analog impact recorders.

The analog recorder uses three mass-spring styluses that work independently of each other.  Each stylus records a specific axis- X, Y and Z and operates by angular vibration with one degree of freedom in the direction it monitors. The mechanical, friction-free linkage from each stylus’ inertia mass converts motion from any of the three directions into the same plane and draws these forces onto the chart paper for easy reading.

Yes a stylus physically recording impacts on graph paper sounds antiquated compared to an electronic accelerometer however the product is simple to use, highly accurate and allows for physical review of impacts recorded on the chart paper.  One advantage over digital is when large equipment is transported in remote and difficult terrain, impact status can be read immediately from the chart paper. There is no need to download data to a computer.

In fact many company’s still rely on the analog recorder to measure against the recording accuracy of a digital recorder.  The company will deploy both an analog recorder and a digital recorder on the same shipment allowing for a cross check of technology while providing redundancy on critical payloads. Kind of like wearing suspenders and a belt.

So the moral of the story don’t immediately discount a product if it is tagged analog.  If the circumstances are appropriate, an analog digital recorder could be the best solution for your requirements.

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