Real-Time Cloud-Based
Transportation Monitoring

Take a look at a brief overview of features &
benefits of the device and software.


  • 24/7 tracking and location updates (not track and trace, i.e. it’s on our truck or in our warehouse), but actual location on the map.
  • Real-time alerts if the goods are diverted from a predetermined route
  • Actual location for recovery in the case of theft.
  • Real-time alerts if the goods are subjected to drop/impact that could lead to damage, alerting receiving to inspect on arrival.
  • Real-time alerts on temperature variations for temperature sensitive goods.
  • In light sensitive mode, real-time alerts if the packaging is opened prematurely indicating possible theft.

How the SmartShip Software Works

  • SmartShip Software is a cloud based portal linked to a cellular* communications server.
  • The Server receives information from a small device inside the shipment/on the pallet or in a container. The device has live GPS, impact sensors, temperature sensors and light sensors as well as a cellular transmitter
  • Server sends an “alert” email and or text to the user in real time when an event occurs.
  • The portal can be accessed for immediate location and event details.

*International cellular plans allow the system to be used and sold in 37 countries.

SmartShip Live
– the Device

The SmartShip Real time monitoring software works with our SmartShip Live device. See all the details about SmartShip Live.