Trans-Monitor TD Shock Indicator at a glance

  • Impactograph Trans-Monitor TD impact indicators identify when excessive shock took place in the transportation cycle by the stopped clock.
  • The impact indicators are surface mounted with self-adhesive or screws.
  • Available in 20g -100g in 10g increments.
    Also available in 15g, 25g, and 300g.

Part Number: 1500-015G though 1500-300G

Trans-Monitor TD in Use


Trans-Monitor TD is an effective impact indicator that has a visual display that shows date and time when the impact occurs in the transportation chain. Multi-axis response to impact. Surface mounting with easy activation and awareness labels.


Ideal for various applications, such as:

  • Computer/IT Services
  • Medical Devices and Supplies
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Distribution – Electronics
  • Retail
  • Auto and Truck Parts
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Furniture and Fixtures
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Media
  • Glass
  • And more…



How to Apply

Transmonitor TD back of device

Step 1

Remove manufacturer starter tab from the back of the device
Transmonitor adhesive removal

Step 2

Remove adhesive covering from the back of the device
Transmonitor TD placed on box

Step 3

Place on a box, on a pallet or on a piece of equipment.

Transmonitor TD on box with companion label

Step 4

Use with companion label for more visibility.

LCD showing date and time of impact

Step 5

Record Date & Time in Activation Label Area

Start pull tab to start date and clock

Step 6

Pull tab to start timer


Trans-Monitor Warning Label

Used with a Trans-Monitor to alert carriers that package is being monitored.

Alert Tape

Alerts handlers that package is being monitored.

Fragile Label

Applied to shipping boxes as a visual reminder that package is fragile and is being monitored.


*Transmonitor TD Specs

Category Measurements  / Information
Height 0.65in/16.50mm
Diameter 4.06in/103.12mm
Length 3.78in/96.00mm
Temperature -100°F to 155°F/-73°C to 68°C
Accuracy ±15%
Mounting Self-adhesive/screws
“g” Range Available in 20g -100g in increments of 10
Also available in 15g, 25g and 300g
Battery Life: 180 days
Battery Hold Time: 180 days
Battery Type 1.5 volts LR 44
Part Number 1400-005G through 1400-300G

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