Digi-Shock G Impact Recorder at a glance

  • Records user-definable impact events
    on the X, Y, and Z axis lines up to 25g or 100g.
  • Accelerometer detects and records the
    duration, amplitude, and direction of all impacts.
  • Easy-to-use, Windows-based software included.
  • Mission Control software language in English, German, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese.

Part Number: Number: 1600-100G

Digi-Shock G in Use

Mount directly on large pallet like Transformer Devices or other large equipment. This reusable & resettable digital data recorder can monitor shipments of any size during transportation in order to reduce or eliminate potential damage in transit.

An LED visual indication displays when user-defined alarm parameters are exceeded at anytime, advising users that the monitored product may have been damaged and should be inspected immediately.

A mission file can be downloaded and emailed without the software installed. This enables customers to view the mission file immediately without waiting for the Dig-Shock to be returned. Mission Summary provides the start and end date of the mission and the largest impacts on each axis during a journey.

Mission graphs provide a detailed report of each mission. This enables customers to view every single event during a journey.

Ideal for various applications, such as:

  • Avionics equipment
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Computer equipment/media
  • Instrumental/gauges
  • Lamps/China/porcelains
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Furniture
  • Medical Equipment
  • Electro-mechanical equipment
  • Railroad
  • Art/sculpture
  • And more…

Introducing the new Digi-Shock Series!

In this video we introduce the Digi-Shock G, GT, and XT models. An overall view of the what each is and does upon using one of these efficient devices for your transportation monitoring needs.

How to Apply

Step 1

Mount on Pallet or other large equipment or product.

Step 2

Or mount directly to the floor of the machine or a container.

Step 3

Apply Screws to both sides of the device


Digi-Shock Battery

Replacement Lithium Battery.

Pelican Case

An IP-67-rated waterproof case for the Impact-O-Graph and Digi-Shock.

Digi-Shock Cable

Replacement USB cable

Alert Tape

Applied to shipping boxes as a visual reminder that package is fragile and is being monitored.

Digi-Shock Mounting Plate

An alternative mounting plate for the Digi-Shock.

Fragile Label

Applied to shipping boxes as a visual reminder that package is fragile and is being monitored.





*Digi-Shock G Specs


Category Measurements  /  Information
1. Power: Single C cell Lithium Primary 3.6v  Automatic battery disconnect when USB cable is plugged in. Protection Circuit to prevent device damage if batteries are installed backwards.
2. Battery Life: 6 months (Lithium Ion Battery).
3. Memory: Flash memory capable of more than 1 million events. Retain data in event of power loss.
4. Accelerometer: Device available ±25g or ±100g on the X, Y, and Z axis lines.amples 250 times per second. Readings are automatically compensated for time and temperature drifts.
5. Data Access: Standard A-B USB cable required for connection to a PC computer. No special cable or software needed to retrieve data file. Encrypted data file can be emailed directly back to sender for review.
6. High Efficiency LED: Provides device status in real time
7. Physical Specs: 5″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″ plastic case. 8 ounces with battery installed.
8. Optional Mission Parameters: Set start and stop for date and time of mission. Set alarm levels for each axis individually. Set g-level threshold for storing data (i.e., set at 3g to only record 3g or higher events).
9. Optional Mounting If necessary, a metal mounting bracket or magnetic mounting plate is available.





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